EnerVenue Launches to Challenge Grid-Scale Lithium-Ion Batteries with New Metal-Hydrogen Technology

EnerVenue, the first to bring metal-hydrogen batteries to the clean energy revolution, launched today with $12 million in seed funding. The investment enables EnerVenue to accelerate development of its safe, maintenance-free, and cost-efficient clean energy storage solution.

EnerVenue – A Spinout From EEnotech: Fostering a Game-Changing Innovation in Energy

When EEnotech was founded as a Startup foundry in 2017, the founders had only one aim in mind—spinning out many new exciting technology Startups in the space of energy and environment to support the sustainability of the world. Since then, the company has licensed multiple innovative technologies developed in Professor Yi Cui’s—the co-founder of EEnotech—lab at Stanford University.
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Thomson Reuters Announces the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds

The Intellectual Property (IP) and Science business of Thomson Reuters, announces the release of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds,” a citation analysis identifying the scientists—as determined by their fellow researchers—who have made the most significant global impact within their respective field of study.