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We are the place where society’s most pressing issues are tackled head-on, where tomorrow’s most innovative solutions are born, and where the answers to the world’s biggest problems are solved.

Successful Spin-offs

LifeLabs Design

Thermoregulation Textiles

In the spring of 2021, EEnotech launched Lifelabs Design. LifeLabs Design's patent-pending low-emissivity technology enables the maximum body heat through data-based selection of every detail. Their jackets are 40+% warmer than any regular lightweight jacket, are highly breathable, windproof and rainproof.


Energy Storage Technology

In the spring of 2020, EEnotech launched EnerVenue: a simple, safe, long-lasting and maintenance-free energy storage proven over decades of use in extreme conditions. EnerVenue batteries operate in -40 to +60C ambient temperature with a 30+ year lifespan and 30K+ full cycles without degradation or usage restrictions.

Currently Incubating


Water Treatment

EEnotech creates new, effective and powerful processes for bio-pathogen disinfection and heavy metal removal to improve the quality of water for a wide range of applications, including potable drinking water, industrial and municipal use.

Green Building

Energy-Saving Wallpaper

More than 12% of the world's total energy consumption is contributed to indoor space heating and cooling. EEnotech commercializes its patented warming/cooling wallcovering technology to reduce energy demand in the building envelopes, and to accelerate the proliferation of net-zero-carbon buildings.

What Clients Say

EEnotech specializes in acquiring cutting-edge technologies from top academic institutions to accelerating through commercial prototypes and spinning out start-up companies. We connect them with investors and potential customers. Read what our clients are saying about the support we provide.

Scott Mellin, CEO, LifeLabs Design

"EEnotech provided us with the IP, the core science team and the legal infrastructure to launch LifeLabs. Now they continue to provide back office and front office services that help keep our team focused on Product Design and Marketing, which are the vital functions for our upcoming consumer debut. EEnotech has been the perfect partner."

Scott Mellin, CEO, LifeLabs Design

Jorg Heinemann, CEO, EnerVenue

"EEnotech gave us a massive head start, placing us at least a year ahead of where we'd otherwise expect to be at Seed round close. We continue to leverage the EEnotech team post-spinout for support services and technical guidance, which let's us keep overhead low and fast tracks our R&D."

Jorg Heinemann, CEO, EnerVenue

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